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Precision Metals Glasgow - Laser Cutting & Fabrication Services

Precision Metals provide specialist laser cutting and fabrication services throughout the UK to a wide range of industries from our Glasgow based production factory. We produce the highest quality products using state of the art technology, no matter how big or small the job is. Our laser cutting service promises to deliver results of excellent quality, each and every time. The advanced technology involved in our set-up means that it’s not only unbelievably accurate, but also provides the best quality on the market at the fastest processing speeds.

Fabrication is our passion at Precision Metals and we are always moving forward as a manufacturer. We understand that it’s all about efficiency and client orders tend to be finalised in the last moment, often leaving little time left for actual production. That is why we have strong skilled team in place for every task undertaken to ensure it is completed as quickly as possible, on time and without error.

Precision Metals offers a personal customer service experience you would expect from a small family business. Whether you’re a small local company that requires just a few components, a purchasing manager in a medium enterprise or a director of a large corporate company sourcing new manufacturers for batch productions, you can expect a professional attitude and a quick response on every occasion.

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State of the art technology, quality and innovation.

High quality machinery, experience and workmanship, Precision Metals is dedicated to Laser Cutting and Fabrication.


State of the art laser cutting technology.